Ready: Why Women are Embracing the New Later Motherhood

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November 22, 2016
MSA, Pasadena Session:
Archive, Canvas, Stage: Extraliterary Dynamics of Modernist Performance Paper: “Is Ray Johnson Marianne Moore?: Dialogic Celebrity”

January 2017
MLA, Philadelphia: "Aging & Fertility in Poetry and Prose, a Cross-Disciplinary Reading"
Table Talk 2017, Hilton Americas, Houston

March 22, 2017
Table Talk 2017, Hilton Americas, Houston

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The critical response to marianne moore


Marianne Moore's poetic career crossed seven decades, beginning with her first publication in 1907 and extending until her death in 1972, her last poetic publication having appeared in 1970. Over those many years and since, critical attitudes toward Moore have fluctuated—in response both to changes in Moore's work and to changes in the concerns of hte critics. In its early days, Moore's renown was limited to a small group of readers of the innovative little magazines of the teens and twenties for whom her modernist complexities were exciting. Critical response was thoughtful and largely and quite influentially enthusiastic. As the decades passed, Moore's work became more accessible and her audience expanded.

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About this book  •  Read an excerpt




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