Ready: Why Women are Embracing the New Later Motherhood

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Helpfully, Gregory debunks a lot of the hysterical statistics surrounding infertility and dispenses the wealth of pregnancy and adoption offerings with equanimity and good cheer.
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READY facts

How many babies are we talking about?

In 2006, of the total 1,697,281 babies born to first-time moms in the United States, 137,674 were born to mothers 35 and over.

That’s one in every twelve first babies in 2006 with a new later mom.
Compare that to 1970, when one in every one hundred first babies had a mom 35 or more (that was 14,324 out of total 1,430,680 first births in that year). See Table 4 at
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Ready—NEW PAPERBACK with new data & Analysis

About this book

The 2012 Ready paperback adds a new Preface bringing the data and analysis up to the moment: encompassing discussion of the recessionary birth rate drop among younger women and its longterm effect on the later motherhood trend, the intersections between the War on Women's Reproductive Choice and the US's family-unfriendly policies with the trend to delaying kids, the dynamics of fertility scaremongering, and the competing pro-natalist and anti-natalist pressures on American women today. The Preface also introduces new data from a range of researchers on the positive effects of delay on women's wages, long-term happiness, and political clout.

This book examines the full range of pressures shaping women's fertility decisions today, and begins from the assumption that women's choices make sense, for them and for their families.

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